Lessons fee from June

Lovely people,

The last press conference: we can also offer outdoor sports for adults. We are therefore going to organize outdoor sports for all ages.

The conditions for participation can be found on our website and in the app under menu: Corona Blog

“Lessons and tuition fees”
In order to limit the size of the groups and to ensure a responsible flow (mandatory 10 minutes) between the lessons, we have chosen to keep the lessons for now at 30 minutes. For adults, this will be 45 minutes.

Because there is now room to be able to exercise again, we will start collecting the tuition fees from everyone, starting June 1 (end of May collection). We have sent you a personal email for this. If the government decides that we can exercise in the old way again, the tuition fees will be adjusted to the normal / old rate.

Personal training for children and adults
Those who followed our PT at the time can indicate this to us individually. Together we determine the day and time.

“Register for outdoor sports and sports location”
The outdoor sports run weekly per registration via our app / website (corona blog).

Following the registrations, we will classify the groups and make schedules. You will then receive an email from us with the lesson times and location stated. We will offer outdoor sports at various locations in Kralingen.

If a lesson cannot take place due to bad weather, we will notify you via social media / our app. We will also use this for other news items. Therefore keep a close eye on our push messages, social media and website.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you all again for your support and understanding in this exceptional time!

If there are any questions, please let us know.
With kind regards,
On behalf of the entire Jayra Sport team