Jayra Sport compensation schemes


 Last Tuesday, the government announced an extension until April 28 of the measures taken in connection with the coronavirus.

The Minister of Social Affairs and Employment / Deputy Prime Minister Wouter Koolmees asked the consumers to continue to pay (among others) the fee of the gym as much as possible. This way we can help each other through this period.  Missed it? View it HERE.

However, we are aware that we are not the only ones facing an uncertain time. And have an understanding for everyone who is struggling now. We have therefore thought about it and have come up with the following two options for the coming period. Many of you have thought along with us and have come up with a number of proposals yourself, thanks for that. Thank you for thinking along with us, this indicates that we are involved with each other.

I would therefore like to let you choose from the options below. Do what you / you feel best with!

Which option below suits you best?

Note: give your option before April 15, this can be done by email contact@jayra.nl.

In case of no response, we keep option 2.


  1. Freeze membership from May until we can start again.
  2. Continue tuition / Membership, support Jayra Sport.

Make your choice before April 15 and let us know by email.
If you want to change your choice later, please let us know by email.
As soon as the government announces more, we will hear from us again.

Ajay Gangadin
Jayra Sport

Ps. Please pass the above to everyone you know at the gym.